Are you struggling to find your unique photography style

Maybe you can’t seem to make your photos ‘pop’ in Lightroom? 

Or are you trying to navigate Photoshop and getting overwhelmed and confused?

Let me introduce you to The Travel Photography Starter Kit!

It's your shortcut to creating jaw-dropping photos without having to invest in an entire course or watch YouTube videos for hours on end, so that your next trip abroad ends with a hard drive full of beautiful travel photos ready to post on your Instagram page.

Grab your copy today for only $39!

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Hey, I'm Jord Hammond. I'm a 30-year old professional travel photographer from the UK who has spent the past 6 years travelling the world and getting paid as a photographer whilst doing so.
I've been lucky enough to work with DJI to create content for the launches of 4 drones - the DJI Mavic Zoom, the DJI Air 2S, the DJI Air 3 and the DJI Mavic 3. I was sent the drones a few months ahead of them being released to the public so that I could put them to the test and create the content ready for the launch. 
Adobe and the Japanese National Tourism Board sent me on a trip to Japan in 2019 to create Lightroom tutorials for their website and app. I was tasked with capturing 5 hero images which would be the RAW files used for the tutorials. 
I've partnered with Visit Dubai on 4 trips (and counting) where I am hosted on an all expenses paid trip to Dubai and take photos of a range of different activities, from hot air ballooning to driving ferrari's through the desert. I even got to shoot with Anthony Joshua on my first job with Visit Dubai!

Transform your photos with one-click...

with The Travel Photography Starter Kit

Take your photos from this...

To this...

Let me take a guess. you're here because you have all the passion for travel photography, but no idea where to start…
The travelling part is easy. Book your flights, find a nice guesthouse in your first destination of the trip, read some travel blogs and the rest is history.

The photography part, though, is more difficult than you thought…

You can’t seem to get your photos up to the level of your favourite photographers on Instagram.

You don’t know why your photos don’t look sharp when you share them on your IG page.

You open Lightroom and feel completely overwhelmed by all the different settings there are to tweak and change - where do you even begin!?

BUT you know that if you put in the time and effort into learning the art of photography and the skill of editing (yes, skill), you’d pick it up in no time. It can’t be THAT difficult.

It’s starting that’s the hard part...

Does this sound familiar: You want to get better at photography and editing, BUT...

Excuse #1 -- I haven't got a good enough camera

News flash, friends... you don't need a professional, top-of-the-range camera to start learning the ins and outs of travel photography. The best camera is the one you currently have. This photo was taken on an iPhone 8 with a broken screen, and it's made me more money than most of my photos taken on my $5000 Canon R5. 
Excuse #2 -- The travel photography scene is already so oversaturated, so I'm never going to stand out from the noise

Just because there are a lot of travel photographers out there, doesn't mean there are a lot of amazing ones. The rest is exactly as I just said - noise. So how do you become an amazing travel photographer? Practice and learn from someone who is a professional in the field (that's me!). You'll soon be forgetting all about the noise and focusing on the only thing that matters - you and your photos. 
Excuse #3 -- I still can't travel so I'm never going to be able to put what I learn into practice

I wasn't able to travel for almost all of 2020 and 2021, but that didn't stop me. Local travel is a great place to start. And... didn't you hear? Borders around the world are finally opening, so it's soon time to book that international trip! Either way, you don't need to be travelling full time to learn how to take and edit better photos. But you'll be thankful you learned ahead of your next big trip, rather than trying to learn as you go.
The truth is, there are so many excuses as to why you can't improve your photography and editing skills, but it's no secret that great content is THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT of being a photographer, whether you are a hobbyist who wants to take photos for the fun of it, or an aspiring travel photographer who wants to take this thing full-time and get paid for your photography. Content is key. And there's no better place to start...

I’ve bundled up all you need to know to take your photography and editing skills to the next level, so the days of trawling through YouTube or messaging your favourite photographers on Instagram hoping for some advice are long gone. 
Inside The Travel Photography Starter Kit, you’ll have access to all the tools you need to level up your photography + editing game, for just $39.
Want to know the secret hack to STOP THE SCROLL by composing your photos so they grab the attention of all the scrollers on Instagram? I got you with a 5-page Composition Guide.
Want to learn how to edit your photos with a unique style that stands out from the crowd? There’s not 1, but 2 full editing tutorials in the starter kit, plus 2 technique specific tutorials, so you can implement my entire editing process and all the secret hacks from start to IG post.

Do you want to take travel photos like these?

Why is travel photography so important, you ask?
  • It’s much easier to grow your Instagram page when your photos are flawless and stand out from the crowd
  • ​As travel opens up again, travel brands are looking for the most talented photographers to hire for their marketing efforts (hint - it could be you!)
  • ​Travel blogs and magazines are always on the hunt for great quality, beautiful travel photos to license
  • ​​If you ever want to sell prints, your photos have got to be up to a high standard - there’s no way around it
P.S. Taking and editing photos like a pro does not have to be difficult. 
Imagine how it would feel to:
  • Be confident knowing you will get banger shots every time you take your camera out for a sunrise mission
  • ​Know your way around Lightroom and Photoshop so that you don’t spend hours editing a photo and not liking the outcome
  • ​See your followers and engagement increasing on Instagram thanks to your much improved photography skills
  • ​Having brands emailing YOU asking you to fly to Mexico to take photos of their new hotel, and getting paid to do so, because they LOVE your work.

All of which is totally possible, by the way...

I know what you’re thinking… “Jord, this all sounds great. But I still have no idea how to take and edit better photos”. I got you covered…
The Travel Photography Starter Kit is YOUR shortcut to taking and editing better travel photos for your next trip abroad (or in your home country).

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop don't have to be daunting anymore...

Wanna know what you get? 

  • ​The Ultimate Travel Photographer’s Kit List (value $50)
  • ​The Ultimate Guide to Composition (value $50)
  • ​Jord's Photography Trip Planner Template (value $50)
  • ​​The Sizing & Export Cheat Sheet (value $50)
  • ​The Creator's Guide to Consistency (value $50)
  • ​Editing Tutorial #1 - Rice Mill, Bali (value $100)
  • Editing Tutorial #2 - Lake Bled, Slovenia (value $100)
  • ​Editing Tutorial #3 - The Power of Selective Adjustments (value $100)
  • ​Editing Tutorial #4 - Reducing Noise Like a Pro (value $100)
  • ​Jord's Master Collection Desktop Presets (value $125)
Total Value: $775


(in case you're new here)

Hey, I'm Jord!
In 2015, I packed up my life and moved to central China to teach English. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

Whilst there, my passion for photography began, and I used every day-off to explore as much of the country as I possibly could. And take photos, of course. After a year, I decided I wanted to pursue travel photography full time, so I quit my job to try and make it as a photographer. I had about $7,000 in savings and a 40L backpack, and I began to travel through Asia.

Before long, I landed my first ever travel photography job (taking photos of watches in cool locations), and pretty soon I was working full-time for hotels, tour companies and tourism boards around the world and honestly living my dream. 

And that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 6 years.

After hitting a 6-figure year as a travel photographer in 2019, I decided it was time to share what I have learned with other aspiring photographers to help them transition from hobbyist to full time travel photographers. With my teaching experience in hand, I launched my very own online photography academy. 

Say goodbye to flat, boring photos and hello to photos that grab the attention of your soon-to-be Instagram followers...

Take your photos from this...

To this...

Whether you’re a complete newbie photographer, a hobbyist with a camera and a passion for travel, or you’ve been dabbling in the Instagram scene for a while now but want to get better at what you do, my goal is to help you level up your photography ten-fold, whatever your goal at the end may be.

I've helped over 3,500 aspiring photographers over the past 2 years to take their photography and editing game up a notch, including...

What's inside the Travel Photography Starter Kit?

The Ultimate Travel Photographer's Kit List

When you're new to the travel photography world, getting you head around photography gear can be overwhelming to say the least. Should you buy a mirrorless or DSLR camera? Sony, Canon or Nikon? Which lens should you start with if you only have a $1,000 budget? The questions never end. The Ultimate Travel Photographer's Kit List will help you navigate the ever-confusing world of camera gear, promise!
The Ultimate Guide to Composition

Whenever I ask my followers what they need help with most when it comes to photography and editing, one thing always comes up more than the rest, and that is composition. Having a well composed image is vital if you want your photos to stand out from the crowd on Instagram. You might not realise it, but subconciously we are drawn to images that have a clean and easy to follow composition. In the Ultimate Guide to Composition, I take you through my 5 favourite compositional techniques so you can apply them to every single photo you take from hereon out. 
Jord's Photography Trip Planner Template

The key to a successful shoot is a great plan. Before I go out to shoot in a new location, I make sure I have researched the area meticulously on Google maps, Google Earth, Instagram and any blogs or websites I can find. I check the weather, the best time to visit, where exactly the sun is going to rise at that time of the year... the list goes on. With my Photography Trip Planner Template, you'll be able to plan out every shoot and set yourself up for success each and every time.
The Sizing + Export Cheat Sheet

Ever wonder how to get your Instagram posts to look sharp AF? The Sizing + Export Cheat Sheet includes all my recommended settings for exporting your photos, so that you can make sure you maintain the highest quality when you come to post on Instagram. 
The Creator's Guide to Consistency

Nothing screams professional photographer like a nice, consistent portfolio of work, whether that be on your website, in your media kit or simply on Instagram. Consistency is something that a lot of photographers struggle with, especially when they haven't quite figured out their editing style or their niche just yet. The Creator's Guide to Consistency breaks down the exact ways myself and other world-class creators keep our photos recognisably ours, which ulimately leads to more Instagram followers and more clients.
Editing Tutorial #1 - Rice Mill, Bali

I have been using Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop to edit my photos for 6 years now, and so it's fair to say I have become a bit of a whizz on the programs. In this full editing workflow lesson, you'll see how I bring my top-down drone photos to life, so that you can do the same to your photos. 
Editing Tutorial #2 - Lake Bled, Slovenia

One editing tutorial isn't always enough to learn all that you need to know when it comes to editing incredible travel photos, so I've thrown another in the Starter Kit from a completely different scene - this time a photo from Lake Bled in Slovenia that I took in late 2021. By the end of these two editing tutorials, you will have learned loads of new editing tips and tricks and will feel confident in Lightroom and Photoshop. You're welcome!
Editing Tutorial #3 - The Power of Selective Adjustments

Selective adjustments are probably my most used tool when editing, and I truly believe when you use them correctly, they can totally transform a photo (in the best way possible). Join me in the third editing tutorial, where I will show you how to use both radial and gradient filters to make your photos pop. 
Editing Tutorial #4 - Reducing Noise Like a Pro

Noise stacking is one of the most effective ways of reducing noise in your images (a true pet hate of mine). This simple noise stacking technique is one of my favourites - by taking multiple photos at the same time and location, we are able to take an average of the noise projected into each photo in Lightroom, thus reducing the noise and leaving a far sharper and cleaner image. 
Jord's Master Collection Desktop Presets

If you are struggling to take your photos to the next level and achieve a consistent editing style, these 50 desktop presets are for you. Presets are great to use as a base for all of your photos in order to keep your photos and feed looking consistent, so I hope you enjoy using these as much as I enjoyed making them! 

Taking beautiful travel photos doesn’t need to be complicated. 

I put together The Travel Photography Starter Kit to give you a shortcut into the world of travel photography.

And I’m practically giving it away…

The Travel Photography Starter Kit is for you if...
  • ​You have a hobby for travelling and photography
  • ​You have an Instagram page and would like to see it grow
  • ​You struggle to navigate Lightroom and Photoshop
  • ​You feel confused as to why you can’t seem to find your niche
  • ​You wonder how you can make your photos consistent and stand out

If this sounds like you, then download the Travel Photography Starter Kit today!

Total Value: $775
Get it today for just $39
Total Value: $775
Get it today for just $39

To recap, inside you'll find:

  • ​The Ultimate Travel Photographer’s Kit List (value $50)
  • ​The Ultimate Guide to Composition (value $50)
  • ​Jord's Photography Trip Planner Template (value $50)
  • ​​The Sizing & Export Cheat Sheet (value $50)
  • ​The Creator's Guide to Consistency (value $50)
  • ​Editing Tutorial #1 - Rice Mill, Bali (value $100)
  • Editing Tutorial #2 - Lake Bled, Slovenia (value $100)
  • ​Editing Tutorial #3 - The Power of Selective Adjustments (value $100)
  • ​Editing Tutorial #4 - Reducing Noise Like a Pro (value $100)
  • ​Jord's Master Collection Desktop Presets (value $125)

To recap, inside you'll find:

  • ​The Ultimate Travel Photographer’s Kit List (value $75)
  • ​The Ultimate Guide to Composition (value $100)
  • ​Jord's Photography Trip Planner Template (value $50)
  • ​​The Sizing & Export Cheat Sheet (value $75)
  • ​The Creator's Guide to Consistency (value $75)
  • ​Editing Tutorial #1 - Rice Mill, Bali (value $250)
  • Editing Tutorial #2 - Lake Bled, Slovenia (value $250)
  • ​Editing Tutorial #3 - The Power of Selective Adjustments (value $100)
  • ​Editing Tutorial #4 - Reducing Noise Like a Pro (value $100)
  • ​Jord's Master Collection Desktop Presets (value $125)
Total Value: $1200
Get it today for just $27